PhonePe Deposit | How to Add Money to PhonePe

PhonePe Deposit: PhonePe is a handy app for managing your finances on your smartphone. One of the basic things you might want to do is add money to your PhonePe wallet. Here's a simple guide on how to do it.

PhonePe Deposit

PhonePe Deposit

Step 1: Get the PhonePe App

First things first, download the PhonePe app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS). Install it on your phone and follow the setup instructions.

Step 2: Sign In or Sign Up

Open the app and either sign in if you already have an account or sign up if you're new. You'll need to verify your phone number and set up your account.

Step 3: Link Your Bank Account

To add money, you'll need to link your bank account. Go to the "Bank Accounts" section in the app and add your bank account details securely.

Step 4: Add Money

Now, it's time to add money to your PhonePe wallet:

  • Open the app and log in.
  • Tap on "My Money" at the bottom.
  • Choose "Add Money."
  • Enter the amount you want to add.
  • Select your linked bank account.
  • Confirm the transaction with your UPI PIN or any other required authentication.

Step 5: Verify

After the transaction, you'll see a confirmation message. Double-check the details to make sure everything is correct.

Step 6: Start Spending

Congratulations! You've successfully added money to your PhonePe wallet. You can now use it to make payments, recharge your phone, pay bills, and more, all from your phone.


Adding money to your PhonePe wallet is quick and easy. Just follow these steps, and you'll be all set to manage your finances on the go. Enjoy the convenience of digital payments with PhonePe!